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How to identify the ijmb fraudsters!!! from 

Learn more nigeria have been receiving calls from people, especially
potential IJMB students, talking about IJMB, pupils who are interested in IJMB
program. Since there are different websites advertising IJMB online
especially in the forum sites like Nairaland, google, facebook, NBF and
other popular forum websites
. Our advise to those
potential IJMB students are to be careful of what website or what article they are going to read and understand in their view to getting more information on IJMB.
We must tell you this, there are so many people using IJMB as means of defrauding students, and
Such people increase day by day.
Therefore it very difficult for this intending students to know whom to Trust?

In our own view to making students know who to trust, we have decided to give some tips in identifying and separating the real from the fake.

We've done a lot of research and we've come to realize that there are many online IJMB advertiser on google and we tried indicating who's who, I hope potential
students will not fall for victim of their illegal act. If you are lucky to see this post, We are pleading with you to share this on google+, facebook or
twitter account for other people to see this. We've heard so
many cases of students buying form, and even
paying some part of the school fees, and at the end of the day, sellers are gone.
Here are some of the tips on how to

determined a registered website to register for IJMB programme

1. THEY MUST BE A REGISTERED BODY. Website must have gone through the corporate affairs commission(CAC) registration and have a company's name like our's LEARN MORE NIGERIA and must have a Registration number like ours RC: 27609 which makes the body easily identify and traceable by the law enforcement agency provided any fraud is been detected.

2. THE ACCOUNT NAME MUST TALLY WITH THE NAME OF THE BODY in other to prove true incorporation and legality of websites, this point is the most crucial. Anybody can come up with a website and insert any name and number but will never be able to provide the account detail af the company, this is where true legality is proven because most of this websites tell you to make payments for your registration into individual accounts, examples of this include
******** bank
Account name olayinka Samuel
Account number 01546*****

When you see individual names like this requesting you to pay for your registration, beware of this and challenge their legality but if you see a corporate account details that carries the name of the body in which the website is incorporated, take ours for instance, full carries the trademark Learn More Nigeria and one of our account details include

Guarantee Trust Bank
Account Name: Learn More Nigeria
Account Number: 0149397006

This shows they are fully recognized and have obtained their TAX Identification Number as a body after they have been investigate for legality by FIRS

3. THE ILORIN WATERLOO: Students needs to beware of them, many websites claim to be registering students for IJMB at various centres and such student end up in ILORIN due to the selfish interest of the centre,
Learn More Nigeria

is however different, it is said to
provide applicants with varieties of centre to select from
during their registration login to to
ScamVoid confirms our website as legit for IJMB registration.

DISCLAIMER: Not all you see out there are scam or scam free, but however, register with us to avoid this and enjoy maximum security via registration

Well some people still go to forum where anyone can posts anything to enquire about IJMB from people in which 60% are only their to scam you posting anything members of the public will easily believe. Always contact us if you have any information concerning IJMB because we are not only working in just an IJMB institution
We work hand in hand with different institution nationwide which gives us the opportunity to differentiate the pros and cons of IJMB and their study centres,

Our advise to this potential students is that they should be very careful in purchasing the form and be cautious of decisions they make while registering.
Are you still doubting
on whether to enroll for IJMB or not? What are you afraid of? There is no motivation for in-competency and in-competency starts with been unsure of yourself on either registering or waiting for the next JAMB,
you can afford another year of your life without academic progression.
You think UTME can only be the way out?
Learn more nigeria wish you see people who had written UTME for more
than three times, so you can learn from them. Enroll with the spirit of hard-work and success will find it's way to your doorstep.
please, feel
free to call us on 07037368149 or 08102508292.
or email or
For more info and registration visit

Kindly share this post with your friends, you won't know who you might be helping!!!

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