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Registration for IJMB is strictly online on this website with an application fee of ₦8,500 plus bank charges of N250 which can be paid either via direct bank deposit or online via ATM Card to our official details stated only on this website, and this does not vary in any circumstance and does not vary based on centres chosen, registration is been done by applicant and place of study is been chosen by applicant during registration process. To register, candiates are expected to follow the three (3) application steps stated on the registration page. An invoice will be generated to begin a registration and steps aiding to completion are stated on the applicant's invoice. click on the how to apply button below to generate an invoice.


The clearance and acceptance fee is ₦20,000. The clearance and acceptance fee is to be paid within two weeks after the completion of registration to enable applicant print their admission letter into their selected study centre. Instructions and procedure will follow after applicant has successfully completed their registration and picked their desired study centre.


Learn More Nigeria regulates IJMB fees of all partnering study centre to enable an easy payment and breakdown of payment plan students, parents or gaurdians. tuition fees for the programme cover both tuition and examination. The fees are affordable compared to other relative A'level programme such Cambridge GCE A/Level as well as other IJMB study centres with extremely high fees.These fees vary with combinations of subjects between eighty thousand naira (₦80,000) to one hundred thousand naira (₦100,000)which can be payed in installments.


Tuition fees does not cover other cost of running the programme such as accommodation fee, clearance fee, laboratory fee, textbook, and result collection. In this regard, students are required to pay for this charges separately as some of this fees are optional. Stated below are breakdown of the fee applicants are meant to pay during the period of the programme. Recommended books shall be givento students as soon as they resume for IJMB programme at their respective study centre.

  • Hostel Accommodation (Optional): This fee varies between N30,000 to N100,000 depending on the location of the study centre, how suitable the room is and the total number of occupant in the room. Note that the payment covers the whole period of the programme and this fee is optional which states applicant can decide whether or not to book a hostel accommodation with their study centre .

  • Textbooks & Past Questions: Recommended books and pst questions for the IJMB programme will be provided as students resume for IJMB programme at their respective study centre at a cost of N15,000 only to interested IJMB students

  • Laboratory Fee (Science): The laboratory fee is only applicable to science students and it varies in prices between N5,000 to N15,000 depending on the course combination of the student. This laboratory practical will be conducted towards the end of the programme before the IJMB final Examination.

  • Result Collection Fee: The result collection fee cost N1000 and above depending on the study centre and the time of collection.

  • Breakdown Of Fee Amounts Illustration of Payment
    Application Fee N8,500 Additional bank charges of N250 is inclusive.
    Clearance & Acceptance Fee N20,000 To be paid within 2 weeks of registration to enable applicant print their admission letter
    Tuition & Examination Fee N80,000 - N100,000 Varies depending on study centre and can be paid in Installment before the end of the programme
    Hostel Accommodation Fee N30,000 - N100,000 Accomodation fee varies from centres to centres however it's optional
    Textbooks & Past Questions N15,000 Textbooks and past questions with study materials are made available for students at various study centre
    Laboratory Fee (Sciences) N5,000 - N15,000 Laboratory fee varies depending on the course combination and only payable by science students


    Don't hesitate to call us on the current charges for the A/Level programme, tuition, clearance, textbooks, laboratory fees (optional), registration fee, how to apply, and many more. Our call centre is always opened. Necessary guidance will be given as requested. Kindly direct all call requests to 0700-IJMBNIGERIA | 070-3736-8149 | 081-0250-8292. Send a mail to our support team via | or click here to add us on whatsapp. visit the contacts page for other alternatives.

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